Unsigned - Children Wearing is the result of the new approach to the world of children. An hybrid Brand that couples high handicrafts with style research.

Just few pieces are produced by Italian manufacturing businesses which have trusted in our project.

This makes possible that tailoring, attention to details and accurate quality control are assured for each article we send.

Our philosophy

The choice of the fabrics

Unsigned-Children Wearing takes care of the kids, and it does by offering a never-granted irreverent style, coming out from our research and innovation, as well as by choosing wisely the raw materials we use to carry out our Collections.

All the fabrics are manufactured in Italy and, from time to time, our choice comes out from the successful research and cooperation with the best manufacturing firms in assuring high quality besides no exploitation of labor.

During the different seasons, we have increased more and more the use of organic cotton and biologic yarns. In addition, we have got our production to lower the environmental impact, also by using recycled materials, after reclaiming and putting into production again. Materials to which you have given a new life, thus avoiding all environmental effects caused by casting them off or by producing new ones.

To set something up with a new life is magic! That is the creative process leading us to reinvent, to mend, to find – for instance – a different use for an old thing. The ‘disposable’ goods have made our life easier but we have had a bit of that magic stolen.


Unsigned since 2016

Nothing springs up by chance…So Unsigned took shape from Marcella de Gaetano’s mind: what had just been a creative thought for years, she needed to put it into a concrete form.

She is a Fashion Designer with many years of experience in this field and a long style collaboration with different fashion houses. Become mother in 2013, she met children wearing brands offering ‘disposable’ clothes on one side and, on the other side, high-quality clothes made, almost exclusively, for great occasions. So it was that she guessed the need to create a Brand which managed to combine practicality with style research, quality with creativity, ‘Made in Italy’ with everyday life.

“Well then, in summer 2016, when I was on holiday, I began to design…but this time I was completely free, at last, from dictates imposed by customers or fixed by market laws…so every sketch, every idea, every blob of colour started giving shape to what would be the first Collection Unsigned”

Marcella De Gaetano - Unsigned Children Wearing - Made in Italy

“Our ideas are one of our greatest values! That is why I wanted to commit them only to someone who, for sure, could be able to interpret, at the best, the philosophy inspiring my new Brand.”

The clothing workshops

Ambition is the power that makes the world turning! To carry out our collections, we need skills and ability. The manufacturing experience is essential to make a paper pattern, to develop sizes, to study seams at their points of force and their softer parts, so that the garment results comfortable and resistant at the same time.

For that, I got in touch with Stefania. A woman with great experience and professionalism who, in her Emilian historical workshop, has guided and helped me to make every single cloth, creating true tailoring gems for children

In this way, from a little craft workshop, nowadays the Collections of Unsigned-Children Wearing are carried out in two north-Italian workshops, carefully chosen according to goods specialization, experience and high quality standard of production.

The creative team

The rest of the staff are friends and professionals, who have believed in our project and have put their skills and enthusiasm to carry out the pages you are reading, the pictures and the videos correlated with each collection.

Silvia and Erica (Radial Radiant studio) attend to the editorial design, to the web page creation, to the animation you find in the social, and to the pictures of the last Collection.

Luca, the video-maker, and Cristian, the photographer, are responsible for the pictures and the videos. They work in a close relationship with the young models. They as well are friends (no professional models) who have a good time in wearing and interpreting the Collections Unsigned from time to time.

Their smiles, their expressions of astonishment and help, and all what you will find in our lookbooks have been moments of real play, laughing, experiences we have lived together and that we will keep in our hearts, for ever.

From your smartphone to your wardrobe

What happens when you conclude a purchase on this website?

As soon as you conclude the purchase, you automatically receive an e-mail confirming your order.

This guarantees that your order has been successfully completed and will take care of it: you will soon receive your favourite outfit.

Why do I have to wait for a week before receiving my order?

If you have chosen an item that is not available for immediate delivery, you will immediately be contacted by the workshop that will produce the item for you, within a maximum of 3 days.

The garment will arrive at the headquarters and here will be verified with a quality control of seams and fabrics. At this point, it will be ironed, coded, tagged and will leave for delivery.

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