Terms of sale

Date of publication in the Site and come into force: 1st February 2018.

1. General terms

1.1 The hereafter Sale Terms regulate online shopping effected by users we call “Consumers” (here following “Consumers”), who buy products with the brand “Unsigned – children wearing” (here following “Products”), through the e-commerce site: wear-unsigned.it (here following “Site”). The Site, as well as the products on sale, are of legal ownership of Whitelab, as Seller (here following “Seller”), with registered office in Gorgo Street, 180-3, 46027 San Benedetto Po MANTUA – ITALY. Fiscal code DGTMCL82H49G511I. VAT number 02504060209. Registration number at the Register of Companies in Mantua n. 16661178.

It is possible to use the Site, gain access to the Products therein and buy them in English and Italian languages.

1.2 The Site is dedicated to the retailing and, to this purpose, it must be meant for the exclusive use of Consumers.

Consumers qualified to make orders are only the natural persons (neither firms nor companies) being of the same or over the age of 18. They must not be under guardianship and must have legal acting competency.

Customers who cannot be qualified as Consumers are therefore invited to avoid placing orders of products and/or closing business transactions through this Site. Anyway, the Seller keeps the right not to carry out orders coming from underage subjects or non-qualified Consumers.

1.3 The Consumer is responsible for any costs to connect to the Site via Internet, including telephone fees, according to the rates applied by the operator selected by the Consumer.

1.4. By using wear-unsigned.it and/or placing an order, the Consumer agrees to respect the Sale Terms described here inside. Please, read and understand thoroughly the contents before placing the order. The version of the Sale Terms applied to the Consumer’s order is the current one on wear-unsigned.it at the moment of the order placing.

1.5  Any Consumer’s communication related and/or referred to the purchase of Products – including any notifications, claims, requests concerning the purchase and/or delivery of Products, option to exercise the withdrawal right, etc. – shall be sent to the Seller at the addresses and according to the procedures set out on the Site and at info@wear-unsigned.it

2. Characteristics of the Products, availability in different geographic areas, prices, and taxes

2.1 The Product characteristic descriptions are found on the Site. The Seller reserves the right to modify the current General Sale Terms at any time and without notice.
2.2 It is possible to access the Site anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, the Products available on the Site can be bought exclusively by users who ask for them to be delivered in one of the Countries listed on the Site, with no exception.
2.3 Product availability refers to the real moment when the Buyer places the order. Anyway, the availability is just as an indication. In fact, because of the contemporary presence on the Site of more users, the products could be sold to other Customers before the order confirmation.
2.4 The Product Price is shown in the Site at the moment when the Consumer sends the order. The Prices are in Euro. They include the standard packaging costs and VAT (wherever it is to be applied). The prices do not include the delivery charges. Delivery charges are expressly pointed out and calculated before the order confirmation.
2.5 Prices, Products on the Site and/or their characteristics are subjects to changes without notice. Before sending the purchase order the Consumer is asked to verify the last price of the sale.

3. Product purchase terms

3.1 The Products featured on the Site, not binding for the Seller, are simply an invitation to the Consumer to formulate a contract purchase proposal and not an offer to the public.
3.2 The purchase order, sent by the Consumer to the Seller through the Site, has the value of a contract proposal ruled by the current Sale Terms, which are an integral part of the order itself. The Consumer, by sending the order to the Seller, is bound to accept these terms thoroughly and without any reserve.
3.2 The Seller accepts the Consumer’s purchase order by sending to the Consumer an e-mail of confirmation of the order itself, to the address of electronic mail the Consumer wrote to the Seller at the moment of its registration in the Site.
The abovementioned email will contain the summary of the placed order including details on the price, shipping costs and applicable taxes, and the description of the characteristics of the ordered Product.
3.3 Every Product purchase contract is meant to be concluded when the Consumer receives the order confirmation from the Seller by electronic mail.

4. How to choose and buy the Products

4.1 The Products shown on the Site can be bought by the Consumer who chooses them and then put the Products in the virtual purchase basket.
Once the Products have been chosen and put in the basket, in order to finalize the purchase, the Consumer is asked to register the required data in the Site as well as to log in. If the registration was already done, the Consumer has to give its own data in the order to finalize the order and to complete the contract.
The Consumer is required to confirm its data, to give the address of invoicing and the address where the chosen Products must be delivered.
The Consumer will visualize a summary of the order to place, of which it can edit the contents: therefore, the Consumer shall explicitly approve these Conditions after reading them carefully, by clicking on the specific check-box on the Site and lastly, the Consumer will be requested to confirm the order and make the payment by pressing “Proceed to Paypal”, which will be finally sent to the Seller and bear the effects set forth by previous par. 3.2. of this agreement.

5. Methods of payment and delivery

5.1 The Consumer is obliged to pay, wholly and in advance, at the time of purchase, the price of the ordered Products by Pay Pal.
The Seller will promptly transmit the tax receipt concerning the purchase to the Consumer, if the purchased Products are to be delivered within the Italian territory, in accordance to applicable laws and in electronic format via email at the address stated by the latter, or he will enclose it in paper format to the purchased Products, in all other cases.
5.2 The delivery of the Products ordered by the Consumer is made by means of an Express Courier.
In Italy, the standard delivery charges are 5,50 euro.
In Europe, the standard delivery charges are 25 euro, with a surcharge for some locations (Balearic Islands, Corsica).
5.3 The delivery time is 3-8 working days for Italy; 5-10 working days for Europe, starting from 48 hours after the order is finalized.
The Consumer is asked to check the delivery address is correct as it is not possible to change it once the order is closed unless the Consumer gets in touch with the carrier directly.
The delivery times are as an indication and are not binding for the Seller.
5.4 Unsigned undertakes to do everything in order to respect the delivery time as indicated in the Site and, in any case, to effect the delivery within a maximum delay of 30 (thirty) days, starting from the day after that when the Consumer sent the order. In case of default of order execution by the Seller, due to non-availability of the Product, even temporary, the Seller will promptly warn the Consumer and will provide with refunding the total amount that the Consumer should have already paid for the Product.
The Consumer undertakes to check, in good and the shortest time, that the delivery includes all and only the products purchased. The Consumer also undertakes to inform the Seller in good time about any defect of the products received or any difference with the purchased order.

6. Legal guarantee of conformity

6.1 If the purchased goods show defects in design and in materials, as well as in the compliance with the descriptions found on the Site, Unsigned will follow all rules in force about the guarantee. Any guarantee enforcement is excluded if the Product has been used, washed, damaged or altered.
6.2 If the Consumer wishes to file a complaint about the material or the manufacturing of the goods supplied, the Consumer is requested to give communication by e-mail to the address info@wear-unsigned.it, describing the defect and/or non-conformity found, as well as giving any further documented evidence of the anomalies found (e.g. a photo of the goods).
6.3 After the Seller has received the above-mentioned communication, the Seller will check the real non-conformity of goods and, in case the Product return is authorized, the Seller will send a reply by e-mail to the electronic mail address given by the Consumer. The Products authorized to be returned must be sent by the Consumer, together with copy of the return authorization communication, within 30 (thirty) days from the defect/non-conformity complaint, to the following address: “Withelab” by Marcella De Gaetano – Gorgo Street, 180-3, 46027 San Benedetto Po, MANTUA – Italy.
6.4 If the Seller has to refund the money to the Consumer, the refund will be paid by the same way used by the Consumer at the Product purchase act, or by means of a bank transfer. The Consumer is kept to communicate to the Seller, always by e-mail to the address info@wear-unsigned.it, the bank references where making the transfer.

7. Right to withdrawal, returns, and refunds

7.1 The Consumer is entitled to withdraw from the Sale Contract, consistently with the Sale Terms here above within 14 days from the product delivery and without any penalty.
7.2 Within the above due date, the Consumer must communicate the will to withdraw from the contract using one of these ways:
Sending the request by e-mail to the address info@wear-unsigned.it
Sending the request by registered letter with advice of receipt to the address: “Whitelab” by Marcella De Gaetano – Gorgo Street, 180-3, 46027 San Benedetto Po, MANTUA – Italy.
7.3 Further to the communication receipt, a mail will be sent to the Consumer confirming the withdrawal assertion. The Products, for which the Consumer has asserted the right of withdrawal, must be returned within 14 days from the date the Consumer had communicated the assertion of the right of withdrawal. The Products must arrive at “Whitelab” by Marcella De Gaetano – Gorgo Street, 180-3, 46027 San Benedetto Po, MANTUA – Italy. The Products must be returned basically integral and complete of all parts and accessories (included labels and tags).
Nota bene: Direct risks and charges for the goods return will be paid by the Consumer.
7.4 In case of withdrawal, the Consumer has the right to be refunded with the payment effected, inclusive of delivery charges without undue delay. The refund will be paid no later than 14 days from the withdrawal assertion using the same method the Consumer used for the first payment, excepting the Consumer asks for a different method of payment.
7.5 The refund can be suspended until “Whitelab” has received the Products as the objects of withdrawal. Also, it can be suspended until the Consumer has given evidence of the goods return, depending on the situation previously occurred.

8. Intellectual Property

8.1 All rights on the intellectual property, such as brands and copyrights on wear-unsigned.it are of “Whitelab” by Marcella De Gaetano.
8.2 Any partial or total use of the Site contents, different from personal and no-trading use, is forbidden without permission of “Whitelab”.

9. Legislation and disputes

9.1 Each sale contract settled between the Seller and the Consumers according to the herein general Sale Terms is regulated and interpreted in compliance with the Italian law and, in particular, with the Legislative Decree 206, issued in 2005, Consumer Code; Legislative Decree 70, issued in 2003, E-commerce.
9.2 For any dispute arising from the contract or related with it, the jurisdiction is to: a) the Court of the Consumer’s residence or domicile, if the Consumer is a Consumer in compliance with the rule in force; b) in an exclusive way, the Court of Mantua, Italy, for any other case.

10. Consumer’s data and data processing

10.1 In order to register, to forward the order and then to conclude the current contract, some Consumer’s personal data are required from the Site. The buyer’s data are processed in pursuance of the rules concerning the personal data security. The rules are specified in the proper section of the report, according to the article 13, Legislative Decree 30, dated 30th June 2003.
10.2 The Consumer declares and assures that the data given to the Seller at the moment of the registration and purchase, are correct and truthful.
For further details, please read the section dedicated to the web-Site Privacy.

11. Contacts

For any requirement, inquiry as well as any communication linked and/or correlated to the Product purchase – inclusive of contingent signals, complaints, requests about the Product purchase and/or delivery, the withdrawal right assertion, etc. – the Consumer can contact the Seller at the following addresses:
e-mail: info@wear-unsigned.it
mobile phone: (+39) 349 7363031
mail: “Whitelab” by Marcella De Gaetano – Gorgo Street, 180-3, 46027 San Benedetto Po, MANTUA, Italy.

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